About our GOWNS - Katrina Marie gowns are a unique combination of historically inspired styles with a touch of romance and fairytale dreams.

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Her simple and elegant designs are usually made with comfortable knit fabrics. She prefers working with any material that has a slight stretch and usually designs with stretch velvets and panne in rich jewel tone colors. She feels that "being comfortable is very important" and designs most of her gowns with this in mind. Her choice of fabrics, simple cuts and easy construction make her gowns a very desirable option for the modern bride looking for comfort. Her designs are flattering to a women's body and fit with little to no alteration. She is able to construct a well fitting gown with out a zipper made from knit fabrics.In some cases, such as a corset styled gown, she prefers adjustable lacing through grommets or loop trims. Most of her skirts are flowing circular cuts which she prefers over gathering and netting. Her gowns are mostly A-line, Princess or Mermaid styles, but Ball gowns that require fullness can be worn over crinoline slips and hoop skirts.

"We wear comfortable clothing everyday, with knit tops and stretch jeans, why would we wear any thing different for a special occasion or our wedding day?"

Our gowns are made from knit materials that allows comfortable easy wearing. These elegant wedding gowns are created from soft sensual fabrics, such as sumptuous stretch velvet, crushed panne velour, delicate floral lace, sheer flowing chiffon, beautiful rose brocade, and sparkling mirror organza. Unlike a satin bridal gown, our velvet wedding gowns are machine washable and wrinkle free making them extremely comfortable, so that you may enjoy your entire event (ceremony, photo shoot and reception). These fabrics can be worn any season, whether you are having a summer, spring, fall or winter wedding. The combination of our light weight fabrics and simple style cuts give our wedding gowns a flowing and flattering fit that needs little to no alterations. Many of our wedding gowns are available in white, ivory, cream or champagne (accented with silver, gold or antique gold) making it easy to find a gown that will complement your skin tone. Our signature designer wedding gowns combine color such as Garnet, Amethyst, Emerald and Sapphire jewel tones with traditional white, ivory and champagne fabrics to create truly unique wedding dresses that burst with creativity.

Offering an elegant alternative to a "white satin bridal gown" by creating wedding dresses with luxurious velvets complimented by rich jewel tones. The theatrical and costume background of our designer allows her to bring life and color to our wedding dress designs, making them true works of art. These lovely wedding gowns are created specifically for those brides looking for unique, artistic style, who also appreciate handcrafted garments made in the United States. Our made-to-order bridal gown collections are priced from $750-2000. Choose a simple gown from our bridal collections or a unique signature gown for a wedding dress inspired by Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic, Victorian, Fairy tale and Fantasy styles. Many of our bridal gowns have long sleeves, bell sleeves and flowing sleeves.

Most of our wedding gowns feature a variety of sleeve designs, such as Princess, Puff, Bell, Angel, Juliette, Tudor, and Fairytale. Most bridal gowns have square or sweetheart neckline accented with lace and trims. Many gowns include floral rosebud laces or rich antique gold metallic trims and cording. Some designs may include a hand-made beaded chain belt, a rope belt or a jacquard trim belt that adds a touch of past elegance to the style. Gowns may be completed with a flowing drape made from chiffon, floral lace or metallic lace that attach at the shoulders. From classic sleeveless wedding gowns with flowing lace drapes to fairytale wedding dresses with cascading chiffon long sleeves or sexy bridal gowns with spaghetti straps and fitted bodices. Our elegant styles are comfortable, easy care and ready to wear.

Perfect for a first or second time bride, and appropriate whether you are planning a formal or informal wedding, hand fasting ceremony or renewal of vows. Our lovely wedding gowns are beautiful for wedding outdoors in a garden, forest or beach setting or inside a mansion, church or castle. Bring out your true personality in a unique bridal gown made by Katrina Marie. Some of our wedding dresses are designer samples, limited editions or one-of-a-kind creations that are only available though our Victorian design studio. Our bridal gown collection is made to order and may be ordered online through our website or by phone. We usually need 4-6 months to create our wedding dresses.

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